Saturday, February 27, 2010


Oh my. I'm obsessed... haha seriously bad but oh so good!
Yesterday, after long waiting, I could finally take my little kitten home!!!

He is the most lovely animal ever. He is purring all the time, little content fellow... :)
Tonight he slept next to my head all the time... TO CUTE...

Like I said, he will be photographed a zillion times. Be aware....

Pff sorry for al the obsession stuff and exclamation marks :p

He's 12 weeks old now and allready more then 1 kg. Fatty catty.
And likes chillin' on the laptop haha :)

Eyes on the prize...

ohh Heaven....

Oh and here's a little video: mus and paper
There's going to be a lot of that too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yesterday was our first day of a new module at school. So it was all Nikon versus Canon again (Nikon wins for sure) and a lot of flashing. Fun :)

We practiced a lot yesterday, using external speedlight flashes and learning the zone-system.


Oh and by the way, I cut my hair again (yes this is the very last time;)).
This photo was made by Marieke Gras! :D

Monday, February 8, 2010

knip knip

Yes it really happened.

While last week I was so happy that I decided not to cut my hair, yesterday came quickly :)

Fleur cut it, just like she cut her own hair so cool: Fleur's hair!

Although I've had some moments when I thought: Oh my, what have I done!, I'm happy with it! :D

My neck is a little cold though....

The before and after:

After the cut