Thursday, December 31, 2009


Fleur, Fleur and me, my brother and his girl :-)


More stuff that will probably be in the magazine :)

Maite, my magazine partner in crime:

and Fleur again...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lost count...

Lately I've been working on a new assignment for school. Together with a classmate I have to make a magazine. It's a really cool thing, because we are totally free on styles, sort photography and everything actually...

So my part exists of photo's that are based and inspired on songs by 0neTrickPony (see last post!). Today I finished the last of the three shoots/songs. I made 4 pictures for every song. The songs I picked are: King Louis, Puppets and Bird Man.

These are the small sample images. When the magazine is finished, I will put the full size and lyrics and stuff on to :) I've been thinking about making them all into seperate polaroids, because that fits the style of our magazine perfectly. Well, we'll see...


This was from about two weeks ago.

I think it's fair to call Anne-Fleur my true muse and inspiration


See why : 0neTrickPony, ore even better: Youtube

Oh, I really am glad with this one....


More from December.

My friend Sarah :)


December '09

More analogue :) I love it very much now, although i don't have a lot of experience with shooting on film yet...


Lubitel (thanks dad!):


November '09:

And then I started to shoot analogue...

First with the Holga (yes, love...)
I made a streetserie with combined techniques: Holga black and white films, digital pictures from lightbulbs and photoshop:

And then more Holga...

This last one was shot with a Agfa Isolette. A very oldie. But goldie.


October '09:

My first photoshoot in a real studio! With lovely Anne-Fleur :)

My parents

Et plus...