Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lost count...

Lately I've been working on a new assignment for school. Together with a classmate I have to make a magazine. It's a really cool thing, because we are totally free on styles, sort photography and everything actually...

So my part exists of photo's that are based and inspired on songs by 0neTrickPony (see last post!). Today I finished the last of the three shoots/songs. I made 4 pictures for every song. The songs I picked are: King Louis, Puppets and Bird Man.

These are the small sample images. When the magazine is finished, I will put the full size and lyrics and stuff on to :) I've been thinking about making them all into seperate polaroids, because that fits the style of our magazine perfectly. Well, we'll see...


  1. Aaaaa blogonline! :D :D
    en die met Onno zijn zoooo vet geworden :D hij is een echte birdman!! Ik zie je vanmiddag/vanavond!! :D (zo hallelujahjezus wat een blije smileys, om psychotisch van te worden :-))
    xxxxxxxx ton bebe.

  2. Haha wooow hyper man :P Ja he?:D dankjewel! Wel vet jammer dat je er niet was... Ik zal ze straks in volle glorie laten zien :D

    Hasta luego mi amore! :P xxx

  3. Rosaaaaa....

    Zo tof die foto's bij die teksten van Fleur!
    Die foto van Maite is ook erg mooi!