Sunday, July 11, 2010


Friday was our last school day for this year and I can proudly say I passed my first year and will now become a second-year photography student! Yay!!!

This is the photo I made for my final assignment. My concept for this photo was supposed to be an advertisement for a fancy, cool spectacles brand for kids. But it became a little surrealistic.

And the rest of the shoot:

Have a happy summer :-)


  1. Nice images. I really like the top one
    and the bottom one, I like the expression on your face and the reflection
    in your glasses. It's thought provoking.

  2. Mooi! allemaal! En ik ben zo trots op je :D Go gallll.
    Kom je het binnenkort vieren in Workum?

  3. Haai dankjewelll! :) ja man, ik hoop het. Of jij naar Amsterdam? :D

    @Psychedelicsister: Thank you very much!! Although it's not my face, it's Ruby's, I made the photos :)