Thursday, January 7, 2010


I always get confused. Is today Thursday or Tuesday? Help me... :p
Feeling a little sick today, but still I can't stop editing and stuff. I'm even going to school because I want to scan some new negatives... How sick is that? Though it is very beautiful outside... all white :-D

Well, this is a drawing I made last week, inspired on the photoserie of my brother (the Birdman, song by 0netrickpony). And the other one is a print of a picture I posted a while ago. When I printed it at school, the colours came out all wrong, but I still like it!

Goodbye :)

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  1. Thurs :p Ja het is daar vast mooi nu ook? Amsterdam (en omstreken) is iig de hele tijd in het nieuws omdat het zoveel gesneeuwd heeft en het verkeer enzo :P