Saturday, January 30, 2010

Say ahhwww!

Meet Mus, my raison d'être...

27 Days is a very, very, very long time to wait (That's when I'm moved to my new house and Mus is old enough to be seperated from his mother). But I've been thinking to go nit him some cushions or something, just to pass the time :p

I'm so happy but I can't wait!!!

Today I went to see him for the very first time. omg.

Mom and Dad:


thanks to: Fam. Bonekamp


  1. Ahhwww...

    wij hebben drie katten; Sadam, Poedoe en Bagheera.

    Mus is een mooie naam, ze zeggen wel "je bent wat je eet" ;)

  2. Haha inderdaad!

    Wauw, dat zijn ook mooie namen! :)