Saturday, April 3, 2010


Pff, I'm the most awfull blogger on the block i guess :p To lazy to post something. Not that I don't want to. I just don't do it! Well that makes sense...

There we go!
I made a new prayer photo, of Chaïm. Thanks for that!

Last weekend I was at the other side of the country, in Friesland. It was so nice to be home again. First in about two months! I've never been so long away from home.
So different from Amsterdam, very peacefull :) No obligations... So I took time to do some things I wanted to do for a while now. Like: Storing all our books on colour, walking the dog in the grasslands, making croissants for breakfast and make some silly pictures that have nothing to do with anything. really good.

Also, yesterday was school again! We practiced to use artificial light outdoors. I looks kind of funny and fake, but maybe that's because we just don't know exactly how to use it ;)

Bisous :)


  1. Cool :D

    en morgen ben je weer in Friesland! :D jeej!

  2. Wow die foto's van het bidden zijn echt zó bijzonder. Vind deze ook echt super, jeetje, zoveel... tsja.. hoop of iets. En dat licht geeft echt een heel versterkend effect. Knap zeg, dat je dat kan vastleggen :D